Pillow use: the behavior of cervical stiffness, headache and scapular/arm pain

“Pillows are intended to support the head and neck in a neutral position to minimize biomechanical stresses on cervical structures whilst sleeping. Biomechanical stresses are associated with waking cervical symptoms.”

Authors: Susan J Gordon, Karen A Grimmer-Somers, and Patricia H Trott

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Fill Station Pillow Kiosk – Age Demographics

As part of Fill Station’s Marketing of events, our demographic appeal are ages 45 – 65. When consumers of this age visit a retailer, they are more likely in the market to purchase a quality sleep system, and become more interested in an adjustable bed. A pillow fitting can result in a mattress purchase from our online efforts to increase traffic to your store.

The Fill Station Pillow Building Events, for our license retailers, give RSA’s an opportunity to present other options while talking about their new custom pillow. With our 5 year refluffing and adjustment guarantee, these are continuous customer revisits offering RSA’s another opportunity to present new store products or reaffirming conversations on previous seen products.

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Coming Soon! New Northridge, CA Location

1 new Fill Station®️ Pillow Kiosk location is headed to Northridge, CA. Stay tuned for location details to come.

Coming Soon! 2 New Colorado Springs Locations

2 new Fill Station®️ Pillow Kiosk locations are headed to Colorado Springs, CO. Stay tuned for location details to come.

Mattress Makers Recent Customer Experience

This post of this customer experience is why people enjoy building pillows. It’s crafted specifically for that person’s needs.

“His & Hers but totally different! That’s the great thing about our @fillstationpillow kiosk! Customize your own pillow based on your personal comfort needs!

Visit a mattress makers location today or go to mattressmakers.com to learn more!”

The Pillow Trap is Real

The logic and fundamental process of the Fill Station® Pillow is that you do not have to live with a pillow that is not correct for you anymore. You have the option to remove or add filler. The use of any product for sleeping should not trap you into an uncomfortable feeling that cannot be altered after use. We will tell you why. 

With gradual usage of any product including your mattress, pillows, sheets, sleep wear, and mattress pads, they will start to feel different overtime. Your body starts to react to all of these vital components of your sleep. The focus points of bedding that you will use the most is your mattress and pillows. A pillow is 30% of your overall support of your sleep system. 

With your pillow being 30% of your support, it can start to vary in firmness and feel uncomfortable. Just put it this way! Your pillow can restrict your alignment that disallow proper comfort and support. The Fill Station® Pillow alteration ability will allow change for upkeep and maintenance. “If your neck is bent in any way for an extended period of time, you’ll get uncomfortable,” explains Matthew O’Rourke, a physical therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (Harvard Health Letter, 2018). This could result in a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk operator taking fill out or adding fill to your pillow. 

Illustration of neck bent and correct alignment. With the correct pillow, you will not need two or three pillows.

Taking filling out is easy at a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk, but there is a technique and process that we adhere to. Many customers will say, “I can do this at home.” That is not true with the process involved. With filling being disproportionate, different sizes and shapes of fill will need to be re-fluffed at the same time of the removal. A re-fluffing is us dumping all your fill out of your pillow. Afterwards, we re-fill your pillow with the same filler through the machine during the sanitation process. The machine breaks up the filler as it enters back into your pillow. 

As you can see, a pillow that can be altered will help you stay within the thirty percentile of support. Even if your mattress feel will change in its comfort, your pillow can change with it. In conclusion, you do not have to be trapped in the endless circle of being trapped into a pillow that cannot be altered or refreshed.


Harvard Health Letter (2018) Is your pillow hurting your health? Harvard Health Publishing https://www.health.harvard.edu/pain/is-your-pillow-hurting-your-health

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4th of July Pillow Building Festivities.

Many guest have visited our Fill Station Pillow Kiosks for the 4th of July Pillow Building Events. With so many options from Feathers, Memory Foam, Natural Latex, Poly Foam, and Buckwheat Hulls, customers have solved many neck issues with the correct fitted pillow.

When a pillow is built at the correct height and firmness, pain can be reduced to the minimum. The Fill Station Pillow is the only pillow designed to be custom fitted now, and adjusted later to reduce pain.

If you have not seen a Fill Station Pillow Kiosk in action, come in this weekend to see what all the hype is about.

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We would like to welcome All Sleep in South Windham, CT to the Fill Station® License Network.

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We would like to welcome Relax the Back in Plano, TX to the Fill Station® License Network.

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From Our Customers

Awesome salesperson, very patient and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back for more pillows!

– Tina

We have 2 of their pillows (soon to have many more) they are AWESOME!!!?

– Cheryl Ann Anctil Mazzucchi

By the time we buy several pillows at the big box stores, we could have bought two of these great pillows.

– Clarke Blake

My granddaughter went last weekend & made a unicorn pillow. She absolutely loves it.

– Connie Dill

I bought one of these on Tuesday, best pillow I’ve ever had!

– Judy Clayton

I like mine so much that I bought my partner a gift certificate so that he can make one!

-Lisa Chapman

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