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Buckwheat Hulls


Buckwheat hulls, even when packed together inside a Fill Station® Zipper Pillow shell, have natural occurring air space between them. As a result, buckwheat pillows do not become heated like pillows made from foam, for example that have no air circulating capacity. Low temperatures are conducive to sleep, so buckwheat pillows allow for a more restful and peaceful night’s rest than do pillows that retain heat throughout the night. Buckwheat hull pillows can be configured to the neck and head and are bought for proposes such as:

Night sweats
Neck pain


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From Our Customers

Awesome salesperson, very patient and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back for more pillows!

– Tina

We have 2 of their pillows (soon to have many more) they are AWESOME!!!?

– Cheryl Ann Anctil Mazzucchi

By the time we buy several pillows at the big box stores, we could have bought two of these great pillows.

– Clarke Blake

My granddaughter went last weekend & made a unicorn pillow. She absolutely loves it.

– Connie Dill

I bought one of these on Tuesday, best pillow I’ve ever had!

– Judy Clayton

I like mine so much that I bought my partner a gift certificate so that he can make one!

-Lisa Chapman

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