Retailtainment: Why Experiential Retail Is the Future of Shopper Engagement

Customer experience in mattress and furniture stores can amplify engagement and create a buzz for your location. Retailers search for different types of Retail Experiences that improves their marketing strategy to increase traffic. You can be the only store that offers an experience called Retailtainment for miles.

Retailtainment is retail experiential marketing for shoppers entertainment. Experiential marketing techniques create in-store branding experiences between shoppers and brands, through a facilitating medium or media. Retailtainment branding experiences in store bring products to life, through light, sound, movement and interact directly with the shopper.


Copy and Paste Mattress Stores

For a long time in our history, entrepreneurship was thought of as the creative side of business by many amazing men and women. You would call them risk takers because they believed in the impossible to make something out of nothing. They do or did everything to separate themselves from the competition because of their unusual view of the world.

Have we gone backwards into Copy and Paste because it seems easy? Many would say that it works because it’s laid out and easy to follow. Unfortunately, it’s laid out so well that your competitor can open a store right across the street from you. In my journey, as an entrepreneur and inventor, I’ve notice many stores like Mattress Makers, Snooze Mattress Co., Gardners Mattress and More and others in my license network are some of the greatest standouts. They took risks in separating their business from their competitors.

These mattress stores have made their business a success by limiting their copy and paste consumptions. When you visit their stores, their creativity is an automatic separator in a very competitive market. You can be known as being different or be known to look like the same store to the point that the customer calls the wrong store. This is what Copy and Paste does. You can choose a thin line or a gigantic separator in your consumption of Copy and Paste.

There’s so many products and creative concepts that can make your mattress stores stand out. I am hoping that you as a Merchandiser and/or Visionary, you choose to become the big separator of Copy and Paste, and join our licensee network.

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If you are interested in opening a Mattress Store that is a huge separator in Copy and Paste, Snooze Mattress Co is doing franchises. Click Here!

Welcome Amarillo Furniture Exchange & Mattress Too in Amarillo, TX

We would like to welcome Amarillo Furniture Exchange & Mattress Too in Amarillo, TX to the Fill Station® License Network.

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Mattress Makers Recent Customer Experience

This post of this customer experience is why people enjoy building pillows. It’s crafted specifically for that person’s needs.

“His & Hers but totally different! That’s the great thing about our @fillstationpillow kiosk! Customize your own pillow based on your personal comfort needs!

Visit a mattress makers location today or go to mattressmakers.com to learn more!”

15 Mile Trip for Re-Fluffs

Even after knee replacement, this customer drives 15 miles to have his pillow re-fluffed. This time he wanted remove a pound from one pillow and add it to the other. His excitement that he enjoys the service and pillows is what makes the program more superior to most retailers.

He mentioned that he will be coming back with his son that lives out of town to build him a pillow. This is the testimony that is received by many customers that have a Fill Station® Pillow.

Fill Station Launches First Crowdfunding Campaign

Spring Hill, TN (October 1, 2017) — Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk, a unique kiosk that allows customers to build personalized pillows, today launched their first crowdfunding campaign – Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Next Level Launch – to help them expand upon its current 30, in-store kiosks.

The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk was designed by entrepreneur, retailer, and philanthropist, Arthur Watkins. He’d been in the mattress industry for years before starting Fill Station, but was always having to change up his inventory trying to find pillows that were a good fit for his customers. Wanting to make a real change to help people and give back to a broader community, he started Fill Station to enable people to get enough, restful sleep through pillows made specifically for their individual needs.

Fill Station is the first of its kind program that enables people to make, refill, or remake customized pillows from scratch. First-time customers select the size of their cotton pillow shell. Next, they create their own custom level of support and comfort by choosing any combination of Super Soft Poly Foam, Buckwheat Hulls, Shredded Memory Foam, Shredded Latex and/or Goose Down. The pillows are available in three sizes (Standard, Queen, and King) and options for children. Customers can choose from an assortment of pillow covers and protectors to meet their needs, and can even purchase aromatherapy pillow sprays made from 100 percent pure, natural, aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants for a better night’s sleep.

“Through our Indiegogo Campaign, we are offering truly one-of-a-kind rewards and are looking forward to the great products and experiences people will have through pledging to this campaign,” stated Arthur Watkins, President and Inventor of Fill Station Pillow Kiosk.

Rewards being offered to those who pledge to Fill Station Pillow Kiosk – Next Level Launch include Fill Station’s Pillow Mist Collection, a trip to Nashville to build a pillow with the Inventor, Arthur Watkins, and a Fill Station party for 60 pillows delivered to your event in your community! All of the rewards such as warranties and expected delivery date, can be found on Fill Station’s Indiegogo page.

“Powered by the funds we receive through our Indiegogo campaign, we will be able to grow our research and development efforts, increase marketing efforts, staffing, and attend even more industry trade show and markets to connect with more industry retailers,” continued Watkins.

“Consumers are in need of the Fill Pillow product and, unfortunately, brick and mortar stores have been in decline, so we see making sure people get better sleep and the growing challenges of brick and mortar retailers as a great marriage. By having a Fill Station kiosk, our retail partners can drive foot traffic to their stores and create meaningful connections to their customers and community.”


The Fill Station Pillow program is designed to allow consumers to create their own pillow by choosing from any combination of super soft poly foam, buckwheat hulls, shredded memory foam, shredded latex and/or goose down. The program comes with an assortment of pillow covers and protectors designed to meet specific needs of the consumer. Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk offers retailers a pillow program that drives traffic and builds a repeat customer base. Learn More About Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk


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From Our Customers

Awesome salesperson, very patient and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back for more pillows!

– Tina

We have 2 of their pillows (soon to have many more) they are AWESOME!!!?

– Cheryl Ann Anctil Mazzucchi

By the time we buy several pillows at the big box stores, we could have bought two of these great pillows.

– Clarke Blake

My granddaughter went last weekend & made a unicorn pillow. She absolutely loves it.

– Connie Dill

I bought one of these on Tuesday, best pillow I’ve ever had!

– Judy Clayton

I like mine so much that I bought my partner a gift certificate so that he can make one!

-Lisa Chapman

Watch our video for more information about the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk