Welcome The Purrfect Mattress in Port Charlotte, FL

We would like to welcome The Purrfect Mattress in Port Charlotte, FL to the Fill Station® License Network.

Welcome The Towel and Home Shoppe in Brooklyn, NY

We would like to welcome The Towel and Home Shoppe in Brooklyn, NY to the Fill Station® License Network.

Welcome Mattress, Furniture, and More in Mesa, AZ

We would like to welcome Mattress, Furniture, and More in Mesa, AZ to the Fill Station® License Network.

Welcome Sooner Mattress in Norman, OK!

We would like to welcome Sooner Mattress in Norman, OK to the Fill Station® License Network.

Welcome Murmaid Mattress in Chattanooga, TN!

The Fill Station® Group would like to welcome Roger Pickett and the Murmaid Mattress team to the Fill Station® Licensee Network.

Marketing Tip: Event Request

Report from the Field: John’s Bedroom Barn

John, owner, at John’s Bedroom Barn shares his success story with the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk that helped him sell a $7,500 mattress sale.

The Fill Station Group is determined to help retailers create retailtainment to attract customers into their showrooms daily.

Get our Pillow Building-Palooza Party

The Fill Station® is doing a Crowd Funding Campaign.

Get a Pillow Building-Palooza Party with our Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Mobile Edition at a wedding, corporate event, kids party, birthday celebration, family reunion, gala, anniversary party and much more! We will stamp the pillows with your customized image, logo or message celebrating your event. Perk for US resident only.

Items Included with this Perk:

  • Fill Station® Mobile Edition at your event
  • 2 Pillow Building Experts
  • Memory Foam Filler to build 60 pillows
  • 60 Standard Pillow Protectors
  • Custom Message on Pillows for your event
  • Can be scheduled in 2018 for any selected event

We want to bring the Fun to You in exchange for your support. Grab this Perk for $10,000 on Indiegogo. 

Click Here – Get This Perk to Support Us!

Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Launches its Email Automation System

With ongoing development of the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk program for licensees, we are proud to announce the deployment of the Fill Station® Email Automation System. This new technology will allow engagement with your customers after they registered their custom pillow(s). Your registered membership list is an exclusive benefit to your business to drive more sales back into your business.

Benefits of the Fill Station® Email Automation System

  • Customer Membership List Building for your store through our online pillow registration where customers activate their guarantee to Re-Fluff and Adjust their pillows for 5 years.
  • Fill Station Email Automation System: Your Membership List is emailed once a quarter to visit your store to use their Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee. This marketing strategy will help your business create strong customer retention, loyalty, and prompt your membership base to buy more products.

The Fill Station® Email Automation System offers an interaction between all members of the family with the sales person that is fun and beneficial and creates a dialogue which leads to sales. Further, when a customer builds a pillow in your store they get instructions to register their pillow and activate the 5-year guarantee. Now they are in your exclusive membership list and your work to get them to come back in your store is done. The Fill Station Email Automation System reminder does all the work for you. Build 1000, 2000, even 3000 registered pillows and those customers will be coming back over the years for their free re-fluff and adjustment.

If you are a mattress or furniture retailer and want to find out more information about the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk License Program, please contact David Pillow.

David Pillow
Director of Licensing
[email protected]
(844) 478-2846 Ext 702



Fill Station Group now offers leasing!

We are proud to announce license leasing for our Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Program for the US Market. Our easy new finance license program will allow retailers to floor our Turnkey Fill Stations as low as $295 a month for 36 months of the agreement with all the benefits of:


  • Chiropractor Partner Program.

  • Customizable Pillows.

  • Co-Branding with the retailer’s logo on pillows.

  • Store traffic during our pillow building events.

  • Our 5 Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Program to build a fan base for your retail locations through customer pillow registrations.

  • Competitive edge over the competition.

  • Fill Station’s E-Gift Card Program.

  • Kids Pillow Building Events. (Optional)

  • Fill Station growing network of kiosk.


Arthur Watkins, President, stated, “When we started the license program, financing was one of the biggest hurdles with potential retail licensees. In some situations, we had to do financing for retailers out of our own pockets. To grow our program across the country at a faster and affordable rate, we decided to partner with a financial group.”


Now, mattress and furniture stores can join our Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk network without worries of a lump sum upfront and a down payment. If you interested in becoming a licensee, fill the form out below. If you have any questions about the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk License Program, contact David Pillow at [email protected].

Become a Licensee

  • Business Information

Trent Bedding does their Big Reveal Today!

Trent Ranburger, the owner of Trent Bedding, does his Big Reveal of the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Live through Social Media. The Fill Station Group wants to thank Trent Bedding for becoming a licensee, and we are excited about our partnership.


We are now licensing the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Program to mattress and furniture stores.

The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk program was created in a mattress store with an idea that customers replace their pillows on average of 6 months because they go flat, or they do not feel the same because of a difference of 10 pounds of body weight difference through human life cycles that changes the feel of their pillow. I wanted a program that does not eliminate a customer for 3 years, but a program that branded my store and keep my customers engaged.

I created the Fill Station because I wanted to attract more customers into my showroom, retain the relationship with my customers to build my business, and I wanted increase my attachment rate with 100 different variant of pillows that can be built based on how much the pillow is filled, so the customer can get exactly what they wanted.

I found out that if your floor were limited in pillows, the customer would shop at big box stores for pillows. With our program, the customer gets a Free 5 Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee. This way, the customer will visit your store for maintenance on their pillow similar to car dealership. I figure that if they are visiting my store often, the customer will talk to people in their social circle about my store. Has it worked? Yes, since 2014 I have increased my business by 145% and selling an average of $8,700 in pillows a month. We have made it fun for the customer.

If you are interested in talking about the Fill Station Pillow Program, email me at [email protected] or go to fill out our Licensee Online Form.


Arthur Watkins


Fill Station Group, LLC.

Fill Station® 2015 Sales Results


The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk has been in development for the past 3 years in Mattress Inn. The premise of the Fill Station is to drive traffic and introduce a new customer base that visits Mattress Inn often for refluffing and adjustments. Through the year, there were scheduled events that crowded the showroom to help Mattress Inn sale more mattresses and pillows. These events have been extremely successful that customers have come back to buy mattresses with a higher ticket average. Furthermore, the Fill Station Group introduced an E-Gift Card program in 2015 that customers could send personal notes to build a pillow including telling friends and family they are interested in a Fill Station® Pillow.

Notable Accomplishments

  • The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk has increased Mattress Inn’s overall store business by 117% in 2015.
  • The Fill Station® has become a conversation starter from previous customers that have sent new customers into buy mattresses with the intention to build pillows.
  • Mattress Inn has over 6500 refluffers that periodically revisit the store for maintenance on their pillows. In 2015, Mattress Inn added 2800 more refluffers.
  • Mattress Inn sold over 100 Fill Station® gift cards over the Holiday for pillows. This was an 800% increase over the previous year.
  • The Fill Station Group added 9 Chiropractors to the Medical Partner Program to build custom neck pillows for their patients.
  • The Fill Station® increased sales over 2014 by 173%.

Fill Station® Sales History for Mattress Inn


Sales: $26,485

Margin: 56.99%



Sales: $71,055

Margin: 55.84%


In 2016, we are forecasting that the Fill Station® will do sales of $110,000. We are hoping the Furniture and Mattress Industry will see the Fill Station as a compliment to their retailers to help grow business in brick and mortar locations. With online sales increasing, the Fill Station can help leverage why customers should continue to shop at their local mattress and furniture stores. 

Fill Station Group to expand its Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Partner Program


The Fill Station Group LLC will start expanding its Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Partner Program in areas of potential Fill Station® Licensees. This expansion will help other medical experts join the program while the Fill Station Group signup new licensees. The program is simple, and very cost effective for the licensee and medical partner. The program benefit retailers by seeing patients of these medical partners in their showroom to build custom neck pillows in the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk.

The image below is the care package that patients are sold at the medical offices, and then they bring them in the Kiosk to have them filled.

FullSizeRender (6)



Fill Station® Group hires first Independent Rep for Tennessee

Kris Kietzmann joins the Fill Station Group LLC as the Fill Station® Tennessee Independent Sales Representative to sell licenses to mattress and furniture stores in the state. Kris represents a national mattress manufacture and another sleep product line.

We are excited for Kris, his understanding of the Fill Station® License Program, and what it will do for the Industry. Adding the Fill Station® License Program to his portfolio will help him open more doors with his other products, and allow him to open doors for the Fill Station® License Program.

The Fill Station Group LLC is hiring independent representatives for AL, FL, MS, LA, KY, MO, AR, NC, SC, and GA. Learn more>>

The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Showroom Opens September 14, 2015

We are pleased to announce that the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Showroom will open its doors to retailers on September 14, 2015 in Mattress Inn. Never before, a retailer can experience a product in a live customer environment, visualize how the kiosks will fit in their showroom, and see the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk in action. Learn how Mattress Inn store staff sales more than 250 pillows a month, how the Medical Partner Program can help your store sales, how to build a pillow in the kiosk in 5 minutes, how to re-fluff a pillow, and adjust a pillow in the kiosk.


If you are a retailer, and interested in increasing your overall store sales and build a comprehensive repeat customer base, email us for an appointment at [email protected].



The Fill Station® Group

Fill Station® Group Announces License States for its launch

The Fill Station® Group LLC will start selling licenses to our Patent Pending Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk in GA, TN, AL, KY, AR, MS, FL, NC, SC, and MO starting October 6, 2016. Controlled growth is our targeted goal, and we will soon start searching for Independent Reps. Once we see demand in other states, we will evaluate distribution and manufacturing to support more markets.

We look forward to working with retailers to help increase traffic in their stores.


If you are an Independent Sales Rep, please apply Here!

Start winning against your competitors


In the world of the mattress business, larger mattress companies are getting stronger, and the small family owned mattress stores are shrinking. As a small family owned mattress store, I can relate to stresses of competitors popping up around me trying to squeeze me out. As a family business, I had to be innovative to compete against online stores, big box retailers, and large mattress chains. Just like you, I set in my mattress store wondering what I can do to see more customers and see these customers more often.

The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk was invented by me, Arthur Watkins, a veteran that has been in the mattress industry for 20 years. I own Mattress Inn in a small town called Spring Hill, TN with less than 35k population. I started winning with my invention by creating pillow building events for kids, partnering with Chiropractors to build pillows for their patients, offer my customers a reason to return to my showroom more often, and I sell more than 300 pillows a month.

My competitors are laughing and the industry has ignored this phenomena. What they do not realize is that I have more than 6000 Fill Station® customers using my Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Service, customers who attended my events are buying new mattresses, I am upgrading my competitor customers to better mattresses less than 3 years old, and customers are referring other customers to build pillows but end up buying new mattresses too. Mattress Inn is up 180% over last year.

As my wife says, “Only the small things you do count.” A pillow is a small price versus the price tag of a mattress, but a pillow is replaced on an average of 6 months. Our predictions are that our clients will need our Free Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Service more often. When you see your clients often, your relationship with them will help you sell more products in your store. Would you like to capture more customers for your store and make more money?

If you are interested in becoming a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Licensee, Click Here.

Fill Station Group LLC Partners with Dr. Paul Patterson to build pillows

The Fill Station® Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Partner Program starts rolling out today. Thanks to Dr. Jeremy Johnson for being our first partner. Today we have partnered with Dr. Paul Patterson to build custom neck pillows for his patients in our showroom. Looking forward to more partners in the coming weeks.

Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Partner Program

The Fill Station Group LLC will be launching our new Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Partner Program (CPTP) with licensees at launch. This program is design to help you build relationships with Chiropractors & Physical Therapists in your local area. The CPTP program can help you gain more customers for your store, and grow your business. Patients that are seeking professional help with neck issues, or also the same customer that is having trouble finding a good pillow. Once they become a Fill Station® Pillow customer, they will become your loyal customer. A loyal customer can increase sales in your store.

The following is the program we will offer to Chiropractors & Physical Therapists through the licensee program in your area.

Now You Can Offer CUSTOM PILLOWS for Each Unique Patient

Fill Station® Pillow Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Partners Program

Starts June 8, 2015


Your patients are completely frustrated. They can’t find the right pillow to relieve their neck pain. Or to help keep their back aligned. Or to give them better sleep.

They search high and low for the ‘best’ pillow.

They look at the big box retailers like Wal-Mart and the home specialty stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. And they spend hours online, scouring websites and ads.

Their problem? After all the pillows they see, they end up just totally confused!

The ‘Best’ Pillow

Each sales pitch claims that their pillow is the best. But that can’t be right, because as you know, every single person is different. Your patients’ bodies, injuries, mattress, and sleeping preferences are each completely unique to that individual.

They won’t find their pillow solution at a big box retailer, a specialty store, or even online. They may try, but once they buy, they can’t return and they can’t exchange. So they ask you, the professional. And, until now, even you haven’t had access to the best solution.

The best solution is to build each patient a custom pillow.


Partner Program


The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk now offers a Partner Program to build custom pillows for your patients.

After you become a Partner in the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Partner Program, you send your patients to the kiosk in our store. We take it from there.

They come into the store, and we help them build a custom pillow that addresses their unique combination of needs. We discuss their sleeping concerns (Aching neck or back? Side, stomach or back sleeper? Etc.)

When we understand their needs, we help them choose a pillow mix that addresses those needs. That includes choices about the outer case, type of fill and firmness. Your clients get the exact combination they want.


We Build Their Custom Pillow

Once these decisions are made, we build that exact pillow right then and there – on the spot – in about 5 minutes.

Now, if they go home and for any reason it’s not quite right, they just come back in to the store and we make it right. We can add or remove fill, or change the combination of fill. The best part? That pillow can be adjusted at any time.

And it works for children, too!

Complete customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Free 5 Year Re-Fluffing & Adjustment Guarantee

Every pillow comes with our unique Free 5 Year Re-Fluffing & Adjustment Guarantee.

  • Once your Pillow is built, you can come back to have it adjusted. An adjustment is us adding more filler to your pillow or taking some filler out to make the pillow more comfortable for you.
  • For five years, you can bring your pillow back to Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk every year for FREE Re-Fluffing. This process is sending your filler back through our machine, so that your pillow feels refreshed and new.

As a Partner you benefit by your patients’ satisfaction and healing, and by sharing in the revenues of the pillow sale.


Partner Program – How it Works

2015-05-28 12.17.08

As a Partner in the Fill Station® Pillow Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Partner Program, the Partner gets two sample neck pillows for display, and 10 free empty shells to sell to patients with Fill Station® Packaging.

After you demonstrate the pillow, you will sell your patient an empty shell for each pillow they want to customize. Each empty shell sells for $10 and up. The patient then comes into the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk to have them filled. Fill Station® charges the patient only for the fill, according to the published price per pound.

After we’ve built their custom Fill Station® Pillow, you can ask your patient to bring it to your next appointment. Take a look at how they lie with it in their sleeping position. Assess the ‘fit’ with your specific long term goals. Now you have something to work with to really help them in between appointments, too!


Partner Program – Product Design:

The Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Partner Program uses the Fill Station® Bolster Neck Pillow, with the following features, especially designed with Professionals in mind – for their patients who need specific support:

  • The Fill Station® Bolster Neck Pillow can be built of Shredded Natural Latex or Shredded Memory Foam.
  • The Bolster is designed to reduce stress on your neck by supporting your head at the correct alignment while you sleep on your side.
  • You can flex and bend the neck pillow for increased support. It has a roll feature to offer more cradling neck support for back sleepers.
  • If you sleep on your stomach, you can sleep on your stomach by rotating the pillow around to the lower sleeping side.
  • The Bolster is designed to keep the weight of your head off your shoulder; relieving the pain from the middle of your back and reducing the stress in your neck.


Dr Jeremy Johnson cropped IMG_0926 reduced_edited-1

“My patients have always asked me for pillow recommendations. So I’ve looked at a lot of pillows. I always wanted to find one that offered some structure, was comfortable and affordable.

“When Arthur told me about Fill Station® Pillows – the materials, cost and service – I thought, “This sounds like an amazing program!”

 “It’s a good, solid product. It really works and is unique. I’ve been doing this for almost a year. Not a single person has said anything negative.

 “There’s nothing like it! My patients have found them comfortable. Some have made adjustments – took filling out, put more in – quick & easy, no issues. I feel confident that they get a good product without spending a lot of money.

 “Now, my wife and I both use Fill Station® Pillows.”

Dr. Jeremy Johnson, Founder, Back to Health, Spring Hill, TN

Build a Custom Neck Pillow that Works

The Fill Station® Neck Pillow is built for pain management to reduce shoulder and neck pain. It is custom built to support your head properly, and reduce stress off the shoulders of side sleepers. It has a roll feature to offer cradling neck support for back sleepers. Stomach sleepers can achieve ideal comfort and support by rotating the pillow around to the lower sleeping side.

Build a Donut Neck Pillow that Helps You Sleep

Build a Custom Donut Neck Pillow that helps you sleep better at night. The donut hole in the pillow helps you sleep with head phones, reduce stress on your ears, a place for your pony tail, makes the Cpap Mask more comfortable, and more while giving you neck support. With the donut hole in the middle, this pillow flexes to curve around your shoulder and helps your head stay align with your body to reduce stress off your neck. If you sleep on your back, this pillow can cradle around your neck to pull your head back for better air flow.

Build a Queen Poly Foam Pillow

Build a Custom Poly Foam Pillow in the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk that relieves stress on your neck and shoulders. The Fill Station Memory Foam Pillow is soft and conforming around your head and neck while you sleep. The Fill Station Poly Foam Pillow is design for the back or side sleeper, and can be adjusted for various heights to sleep on your stomach.

Build a Soft Goose Down Feather Pillow

Build yourself the most comfortable Goose Down Feather Pillow that is soft and lofty the way you always wanted it to feel. A Goose Down Feather Pillow can feel luxurious to sleep on during the night making your bed more comfortable. We can help you build a Goose Down Feather pillow that you will enjoy every night to reduce stress off your neck and shoulders.

Give a Friend
the Gift of Comfort

with a Fill Station® Pillow eGift Card

Approved Fill Station® Pillow Chiropractors in Your Area

Visit a Fill Station® Medical Partner for our shoulder and neck treatment plan

Pillow Partners

FREE 5 Year Re-fluffing & Adjustment Guarantee®

With every purchase made at a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk.


From Our Customers

We have 2 of their pillows (soon to have many more) they are AWESOME!!!?

– Cheryl Ann Anctil Mazzucchi

By the time we buy several pillows at the big box stores, we could have bought two of these great pillows.

– Clarke Blake

My granddaughter went last weekend & made a unicorn pillow. She absolutely loves it.

– Connie Dill

I bought one of these on Tuesday, best pillow I’ve ever had!

– Judy Clayton

I like mine so much that I bought my partner a gift certificate so that he can make one!

-Lisa Chapman

Watch our video for more information about the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk