We are now licensing the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Program to mattress and furniture stores.

The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk program was created in a mattress store with an idea that customers replace their pillows on average of 6 months because they go flat, or they do not feel the same because of a difference of 10 pounds of body weight difference through human life cycles that changes the feel of their pillow. I wanted a program that does not eliminate a customer for 3 years, but a program that branded my store and keep my customers engaged.

I created the Fill Station because I wanted to attract more customers into my showroom, retain the relationship with my customers to build my business, and I wanted increase my attachment rate with 100 different variant of pillows that can be built based on how much the pillow is filled, so the customer can get exactly what they wanted.

I found out that if your floor were limited in pillows, the customer would shop at big box stores for pillows. With our program, the customer gets a Free 5 Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee. This way, the customer will visit your store for maintenance on their pillow similar to car dealership. I figure that if they are visiting my store often, the customer will talk to people in their social circle about my store. Has it worked? Yes, since 2014 I have increased my business by 145% and selling an average of $8,700 in pillows a month. We have made it fun for the customer.

If you are interested in talking about the Fill Station Pillow Program, email me at pillow@fillstation.com or go to fill out our Licensee Online Form.


Arthur Watkins


Fill Station Group, LLC.