Fill Station® 2015 Sales Results


The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk has been in development for the past 3 years in Mattress Inn. The premise of the Fill Station is to drive traffic and introduce a new customer base that visits Mattress Inn often for refluffing and adjustments. Through the year, there were scheduled events that crowded the showroom to help Mattress Inn sale more mattresses and pillows. These events have been extremely successful that customers have come back to buy mattresses with a higher ticket average. Furthermore, the Fill Station Group introduced an E-Gift Card program in 2015 that customers could send personal notes to build a pillow including telling friends and family they are interested in a Fill Station® Pillow.

Notable Accomplishments

  • The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk has increased Mattress Inn’s overall store business by 117% in 2015.
  • The Fill Station® has become a conversation starter from previous customers that have sent new customers into buy mattresses with the intention to build pillows.
  • Mattress Inn has over 6500 refluffers that periodically revisit the store for maintenance on their pillows. In 2015, Mattress Inn added 2800 more refluffers.
  • Mattress Inn sold over 100 Fill Station® gift cards over the Holiday for pillows. This was an 800% increase over the previous year.
  • The Fill Station Group added 9 Chiropractors to the Medical Partner Program to build custom neck pillows for their patients.
  • The Fill Station® increased sales over 2014 by 173%.

Fill Station® Sales History for Mattress Inn


Sales: $26,485

Margin: 56.99%



Sales: $71,055

Margin: 55.84%


In 2016, we are forecasting that the Fill Station® will do sales of $110,000. We are hoping the Furniture and Mattress Industry will see the Fill Station as a compliment to their retailers to help grow business in brick and mortar locations. With online sales increasing, the Fill Station can help leverage why customers should continue to shop at their local mattress and furniture stores.