Taste of Pillow Customization

The creation of a Fill Station® Pillow is similar to going into an ice cream shop with many assortments of flavors and toppings. Think about a pillow in your mind being made of Crush ice cream. “The flavors offered aren’t always the same, but Crush offers tropical flavors like mango, pineapple, papaya, and strawberry. Crush also offers combined flavors such as strawberry banana, mango orange, and coconut with ice cream” (Gloria Knott, 2019). I bet your mouth is salivating.

The Fill Station® Custom Pillows will have your neck, shoulders, and head wanting to feel the taste of support and comfort every night. A Fill Station® Pillow can be built with distinctive fillers that provide everything you are looking for into a pillow. You can say, “Add a little bit of more memory foam.” This is the confidence to know you are getting what you want. 

With confidence, you know you can eat ice cream hard or soft, but you have the choice. You can sprinkle chocolate or melt chocolate on your ice cream. Similarly, a Fill Station® Pillow can be made soft or firm. You can choose the filler that will help the pillow melt to your head while you sleep or feel as firm as you want. 

As a Fill Station® Pillow Customer, you do not have to be stuck with one kind of pillow. Customization is greatly appreciated by many. 


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