The Roaring Pillow Under Your Head by Arthur Watkins

It’s obvious by title I am talking about your current pillow. Sometimes we forget, or your body becomes immune to how bad your pillow is until you willfully try a new one. A constant unleveling of support can be a long hinderance through your day. For example, at work you are staring at your computer. You grab your neck because it’s fatigued, and in pain from looking down at the screen. Imagine what a good pillow with proper support could have benefited you in these actions on a 5 day work week. 

A good pillow would support your 6 – 8 hours of beauty sleep. When you finally wake, you feel refreshed and you feel as if your neck can lift 10 pounds for 5 hours. When you are in front of that computer screen again, that fatigue and pain is not as noticeable as any other day when you slept on that unnoticeable bad pillow. Remember, you did not notice how bad it was until you slept on a better one. 

When you are feeling your best, you can defeat your day with a big roar of excitement. You are noticed and your alertness is at its peak. You get that feeling you can wear 30 gold chains around your neck and not notice the weight. This is the true feeling of what a great pillow can do for you.