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Built & Shipped from a Fill Station Pillow Kiosk!

Shipping: Our custom pillows are crafted upon order and dispatched within 7 to 10 days following the release of Pre-Orders on February May 31, 2024.

Unleash the ultimate sleep game-changer with the Fill Station® Neck Pillow Wrap! Chiro-approved for its badass adaptability, this pillow flexes for your neck and shoulders. Plus, score Free Shipping! Get your snooze on!

What you get!

  • Inner Shell: Neck Wrap Pillow Shell
  • Inside: 4 lbs filled with Chill Gel Shredded Memory Foam
  • Pillow Protector – Cotton
  • A bag of fill to add more Chill Gel Shredded Memory Foam for firmness if needed.

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When you adjust your Neck Wrap Pillow and it still fails to meet your expectations, you are eligible to return it for a complete refund. Please note that this offer is limited to one return per household.

The Fill Station® Neck Pillow Wrap offers personalized support, ensuring a comfortable head position while reclining or sleeping on your back. It works to prevent the head from tilting, offering complete comfort in a 360-degree embrace. Enjoy stress-free, restful sleep with the benefit of adjustable firmness that is designed to last for years.

Traditional pillows often fail to provide the ergonomic support necessary to banish such discomforts. Look no further than the Fill Station Neck Wrap Pillow! This ingeniously designed marvel cradles your cervical spine in plush comfort, alleviating tension points and promoting optimal spinal alignment. Experience the transformative power of a truly supportive sleep sanctuary and awaken each morning feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the day.

Why Chill Memory Foam?

The Chill Gel Shredded Memory Foam inside our Neck Pillow Wrap is a game-changer. It serves multiple purposes:

  • Temperature Regulation: Indulge in a nocturnal paradise with our temperature-regulating memory foam. Embedded with phase-change materials, it actively combats sleep-disrupting thermal fluctuations, ensuring an uninterrupted slumber in a climate of unparalleled coolness and comfort.
  • Adaptive Comfort: Unlike traditional memory foam, this shredded variant contours more actively to your unique shape. This personalized adaptation prevents unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulders, aligning your spine and relieving pressure points.
  • Breathability: The shredded form increases airflow within the pillow, unlike solid memory foam blocks that may trap heat. This breathability feature of the Chill Gel Shredded Memory Foam ensures a fresher and healthier sleep surface.

The Ultimate Comfort Design

The Neck Pillow Wrap from Fill Station® is chiro-approved for a reason. It is intelligently designed to support the natural curvature of your neck, reducing the chance of waking up with stiffness or discomfort. The benefits extend beyond comfort; proper neck support during sleep can contribute to overall spinal health.

For sleepers who move throughout the night, this neck pillow wrap’s versatility shines. Whether you’re lying on your back or tilting to the side, the pillow adapts, sustaining a nurturing environment for your head to rest. Plus, the adjustable firmness allows you to find the perfect balance that suits your preferred comfort level.

Sleep Soundly, Worry Less

The durable Fill Station® Neck Pillow Wrap promises longevity. Your investment is protected with a Complimentary 5-Year Re-Fluffing & Adjustment Coverage, ensuring your pillow remains as supportive and cozy as the night it first cradled your dreams. Embrace the cool, supportive comfort of Chill Gel Shredded Memory Foam, and turn your bedroom into a haven for rejuvenating slumber. Shop Now!