Sleeping With This Many Pillows Could Be Ruining Your Back, Experts Warn

We’ve all woken up with a crick in the neck or an aching back after a poor night of sleep. This kind of pain can be uncomfortable and even debilitating, which can lead to serious health complications and, of course, more restless nights. You might assume you tweaked something in your sleep, but in reality, your aches and pains could be stemming from the spot where you actually lay your head—your pillow. Thankfully, experts have shared their professional opinion on exactly how many pillows you should be sleeping with, and what could be causing your morning strife. Read on to find out how many pillow should really be on your bed.

When you use more than one pillow, it can cause issues down the road. A Fill Station® Pillow is custom built in a Fill Station Pillow Kiosk, so that you don’t have to use more than one Pillow. We can fit it to the size, height, and width to fit between your shoulders and head.