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☑️ Craig $25

Dec 1, 2022

☑️ Adam R. $50

Nov 30, 2022

☑️ Freda $25

Nov 28, 2022


Crowdfunding Revenue Sharing Program – Round 4

$7,850 raised of $10,000 goal

86 out of 400 Crowdfund Revenue Shares Available

134 Backers

Patent Number D 753,731 – Fill Station Pillow Kiosk | Round 4


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Arthur Watkins | Founder & Inventor | Office: (844) 478-2846 ext 701 | Email: [email protected]

Welcome to Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Revenue Sharing Program!

My name is Arthur Watkins, the inventor of the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk and a Patent. I am raising capital for my Pillow Machine Business, so I have started a Crowdfunding Revenue Sharing Program to allow the public to buy-in revenue shares in my business.

I have limited revenue shares available for a percentage of ownership of restock sales in my Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk revenues up to 20%. My invention is solely for retailers to build custom pillows in mattress and furniture stores’ showrooms through licensing with over 25 locations and growing our Family Owned operations. My available revenue shares are limited to each crowdfunding round in my Family Owned Pillow Machine business has gone public to help increase staffing, marketing, inventory, production, and much more (See chart below).

My crowdfunding revenue sharing program will support a financial gap in our operations:

Marketing Increase Staffing
Increase Research & DevelopmentIncrease Market Shows
New Franchise ConceptIncrease Legal Consultation
Kids Wellness ProgramCommunity Donations
USA & Canada ExpansionInternational Licensing
Increase ProductionIncrease Inventory

Overview – Crowdfunding Revenue Sharing Program

Our available crowdfunding revenue shares: I am licensing my Family Owned Pillow Machine technology to retailers. Under our license agreement, the retailer buys the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk for their location(s). The Fill Station Group, LLC is the sole supplier of pillow shells, pillow protectors, and filler to our retailers. When you buy-in revenue shares, you will double your money back from our restock sales over 3 years with me. We set aside a percentage of revenues to pay out your return.

Your Crowdfunding Revenue Sharing Program Return: I am inviting you to buy-in starting at $25 per revenue share in my Pillow Machine business as an exchange for a percentage of revenues to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in 3 years from our revenues.

I will begin 12 quarterly payouts starting January 10, 2023 through distribution of checks. If you feel that you just want to support my company without joining in my crowdfunding, you can donate only.

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Our Growth since 2016

Community Wellness Program

Our focus with the money we raise is to help the communities we are in with donations of Wellness Products to the underserved and first responders that support our communities.

In these images below is what I already accomplished. Your crowdfunding investment will help my company accomplish more overtime including Community Wellness Donations.

Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Updates

11/18/22 – In 2016, I wrote my Strategic Plan for the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk. I have formatted it, so that you can read it. This is Part 1. Click here to read.

9/8/22 – Doing home shows were fun. You get to introduce your product and educate.

9/3/22 – DM question: What has the money done so far?

At the beginning, my focus was marketing. I have 25 locations and I wanted to increase dollars spent up to a 30 mile radius of each store. I have increased unique visitors by 62.72% converting to store visits.