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Double your Money over 3 years with ownership of Revenue Shares or Donate Revenue Shares toward our Community Wellness Program.

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June 4, 2023


112 Backers | $25 Per Revenue Share

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Double your money over 3 years with ownership of revenue shares or Donate your revenue shares toward our Community Wellness Program for kids.

Goal: $15,000

Raised: $6,650

Round: 5

Available Revenue Shares: 334 | Cap 2,000

Per Revenue Share Price: $25

Round 4 Completed: $10,000 | 176 Backers | 1/26/2023

% of OwnershipAnnual RateROI TargetPayout Schedule Payback TimelineRoundOverall Goal
1% – 20%25.99%DoubleQuarterly3 Years4$1 Million

I am Crowdfunding my Growth!

My name is Arthur Watkins the inventor of the patented Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk. I am raising capital to build more Fill Station Pillow Kiosks, so I have started a Crowdfunding Revenue Sharing Program to allow the public to buy-in at $25 per revenue share in my growing company to keep with cost.

My invention is solely for retailers to build custom pillows for customers in mattress and furniture stores’ showrooms. I am licensing my invention with over 25 retail locations and growing. In 2023, I am projecting to open 24 additional locations across America. I need to build kiosks ahead of licensing them to retailers.

Our revenue sources:

– Restock sales

– Online sales

– New Licensing Packages

– License Renewals

You will be revenue sharing off my existing retailers restock sales to double your money over 3 years while I focus on opening additional locations. No matter how large or small your buy-in is, it will help me fund our production schedule. If you donate your revenue shares, this will help us reduce the amount we have to pay back over 3 years and help community wellness.

If you want to support me, but do not want to participate in our crowdfunding, you can buy sleep products online to support my business directly that will help me infuse capital in my business. Shop Now!

Buy-in’s Double over 3 Years:

Return over 3 years$100$400$1,000$3,000

Patent Number D 753,731 – Fill Station Pillow Kiosk

Arthur Watkins | Founder & Inventor | Office: (844) 478-2846 ext 701 | Email: arthur@fillstation.com

Community Wellness Program for Kids

Donate your revenue shares to support our efforts to gift a kid in need with pillow products.


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Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Updates

12/27/22 – Next week, I will need to do another update to my website. It’s going to cost $500.

If you want to help, you can help crowdfund this amount.

You can choose to donate or make an investment for a 3 ROI 2X!

12/16/22 – We have begun doing filler testing with the capital we’ve raised so far. Please continue to fund us as we are making updates.

11/18/22 – In 2016, I wrote my Strategic Plan for the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk. I have formatted it, so that you can read it. This is Part 1. Click here to read.