License a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk

Arthur Watkins, founder of Fill Station Group, LLC, worked relentlessly to develop the Fill Station® Pillow kiosk – an easy, affordable way to offer his customers a custom pillow so they would sleep better – once and for all. Custom Fill Station® Pillows are the answer for you and every member of your family. They also offer parents and children a creative and fun experience, making their own unique pillow that is specifically designed to accommodate their personal sleeping style, pillow weight, thickness and comfort needs.

The Mission? To provide fully custom, affordable pillows that support a healthy spine. To ease head, neck and spine discomfort, and enhance sleep. To help generate healthy neck and spine awareness and habits – for a lifetime. To provide child-friendly interaction and excellent experiences with customers of all ages. To provide Licensees with an additional stream of revenue with relatively low overhead and attractive profit margins.

Great News! Fill Station® Pillow Kiosks are currently being offered as a licensed business; with mattress stores, furniture stores and chiropractic offices among the primary prospects. The Fill Station Group, LLC offers its Licensees the opportunity to transform part of their work space into a high-volume, highly memorable consumer experience that increases revenue, profitability and delivers repeat business. When customers have fun they tend to spend more money, they come back to the kiosk, and they tell their friends.

Licensees not only get the kiosk, but they also get the training and complete access to the unique marketing strategies and online events that continue to prove so successful. The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk is an exciting way for chiropractors, mattress stores and other furniture retailers in particular to draw highly targeted traffic into their businesses and have loads of fun doing it.

If you’re interested in exploring the opportunity to become a Fill Station® Pillow Licensee, contact: pillow@fillstation.com

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From Our Customers

Awesome salesperson, very patient and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back for more pillows!

– Tina

We have 2 of their pillows (soon to have many more) they are AWESOME!!!?

– Cheryl Ann Anctil Mazzucchi

By the time we buy several pillows at the big box stores, we could have bought two of these great pillows.

– Clarke Blake

My granddaughter went last weekend & made a unicorn pillow. She absolutely loves it.

– Connie Dill

I bought one of these on Tuesday, best pillow I’ve ever had!

– Judy Clayton

I like mine so much that I bought my partner a gift certificate so that he can make one!

-Lisa Chapman

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