(DIY) Adjustable Bolster Neck 2 Chamber Pillow Shell Only

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Our DIY shells for neck support allows you to fill the empty shell with on the market fill to your choice. 

The Fill Station® Customizable & Adjustable Bolster Neck pillow shell only is the most preferred by chiropractors because of its versatility to be adjusted for neck and shoulder issues. Free Shipping!

  • Inner Shell: Bolster Neck 2 Chamber Shell Only

Online Only! 120 Night Money Back Guarantee.

Shipping: DIY Custom pillows are built and shipped 7 – 10 days on completion.

The Customizable & Adjustable Fill Station® Bolster Neck Pillow is customized for proper head support for pain management. It reduces stress on the shoulder for the side sleeper. The roll feature offers more cradling neck support for back sleepers. Stomach sleepers can rotate the pillow for low profile pillow support. The bolster is designed to keep the weight of your head off your shoulder relieving the pain from the middle your back to reducing stress in your neck. The Filler you choose will perform differently.

Your customizable & adjustable bolster neck pillow will be made in one of our Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk and shipped to your door step.

Once you filled the DIY Bolster Neck 2 Chamber Pillow Shell, it will look like the following.