5 Neck Exercises Everyone Should Do To Build Strength And Prevent Pain

The neck has a tough job. It keeps a damned large mass (your head) attached to a much larger and extremely mobile one (your torso). As such it is often a weak point in the balance you need to stay healthy and maintain strong dynamic posture. Signs of the weakness aren’t always super obvious and don’t necessarily lead to neck fat or neck pain. Instead poor posture and a lack of attention to the neck can cause injuries further down the body. Brad Tracy, a Physical Therapist, Board Certified Clinical specialist within Orthopedics, and a Fellow within the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual physical Therapist suggests everyone get ahead of neck problems with exercises that boost dynamic posture.

Without the right pillow, neck pain can persist through the night. A custom pillow in a Fill Station Pillow Kiosk can help support exercises and offer support during your 8 hours of sleep.