Start winning against your competitors


In the world of the mattress business, larger mattress companies are getting stronger, and the small family owned mattress stores are shrinking. As a small family owned mattress store, I can relate to stresses of competitors popping up around me trying to squeeze me out. As a family business, I had to be innovative to compete against online stores, big box retailers, and large mattress chains. Just like you, I set in my mattress store wondering what I can do to see more customers and see these customers more often.

The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk was invented by me, Arthur Watkins, a veteran that has been in the mattress industry for 20 years. I own Mattress Inn in a small town called Spring Hill, TN with less than 35k population. I started winning with my invention by creating pillow building events for kids, partnering with Chiropractors to build pillows for their patients, offer my customers a reason to return to my showroom more often, and I sell more than 300 pillows a month.

My competitors are laughing and the industry has ignored this phenomena. What they do not realize is that I have more than 6000 Fill Station® customers using my Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Service, customers who attended my events are buying new mattresses, I am upgrading my competitor customers to better mattresses less than 3 years old, and customers are referring other customers to build pillows but end up buying new mattresses too. Mattress Inn is up 180% over last year.

As my wife says, “Only the small things you do count.” A pillow is a small price versus the price tag of a mattress, but a pillow is replaced on an average of 6 months. Our predictions are that our clients will need our Free Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Service more often. When you see your clients often, your relationship with them will help you sell more products in your store. Would you like to capture more customers for your store and make more money?

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