Adjustable Donut Neck Pillow


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Built & Shipped from a Fill Station Pillow Kiosk.

The Fill Station® Customizable & Adjustable Donut Neck pillow is the most preferred by customers with pony tails, neck issues, use CPAP devices, and more. Free Shipping!

  • Inner Shell: Donut Neck Shell
  • Inside: 5lbs of Chill Gel Shredded Memory Foam
  • Outer Protector: Twill Pillow Protector

Online Only! 120 Night Trial! If your Customizable & Adjustable Donut Neck Pillow does not work after adjusting your pillow, you can ship your pillow back for a full refund. One return per household.

Shipping: Custom pillows are built and shipped 7 – 10 days on completion.

The Customizable & Adjustable Fill Station® Donut Neck Pillow is designed to be softer around your neck, while providing proper spinal alignment for pain management. The donut hole in the pillow helps you sleep with head phones, reduce stress on your ears, a place for your pony tail, makes the CPAP Mask more comfortable, and more while giving you neck support. With the donut hole in the middle, this pillow flexes to curve around your shoulder and helps your head stay align with your body to reduce stress off your neck. If you sleep on your back, this pillow can cradle around your neck to pull your head back for better air flow.